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6Ns12 Results

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6Ns Wales vs Scotland 6Ns France vs Ireland 6Ns Italy vs England6Ns Table Week 1 2018

walesWALES 34 - 7 SCOTLANDscotland

Principality Stadium - 03 February 2018
KO: 14:15 HT: 14-0 Att: 74,169


All matches
Played: 123
Wales won: 71
Scotland won: 49
Drawn: 3



Wales vs Scotland Hymns & arias & fireworks & anthems and and and…all done, finally.
Wales vs Scotland Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Matt Carley TMO: David Grashoff
Wales vs Scotland Just the one uncapped player, Josh Adams starting for Wales on the wing, and Edinburgh prop, Murray McCallum hopes to debut off the bench for Scotland.

Wales 0-0 Scotland 1m Finn Russell kicks off at the Principality Stadium, welsh captain Alun Wyn Jones taking well immediately, but Gareth Davies thumps it out on the full from the breakdown
Wales 0-0 Scotland 1m Scotland take advantage and head swiftly back into Welsh territory, Jonny Gray making a superb break from almost halfway after the ball went backwards, to just 5m short of the goal line before he goes down
Wales 0-0 Scotland 2m The ball is quickly recycled, Ali Price carrying well but he gets turned over by Josh Navidi in front of the posts and Wales are saved an early embarrassment; Wales lineout set up back at own 10m
Wales 0-0 Scotland 3m Welsh lineout is efficient & ball kicked clear deep into Scottish territory; Scotland make little headway back towards halfway so Price kicks it to Rhys Patchell who kicks it straight back to Russell and Stuart Hogg sets off before chipping into space over halfway
Wales 0-0 Scotland 4m It’s Leigh Halfpenny who collects deftly & Wales have an attacking chance as they work back to halfway, Adams getting his first touch of the ball in international rugby
Wales 0-0 Scotland 5m Wales are pushed back towards their 22 but they run the ball through Steff Evans to Halfpenny heading towards the Scottish 22 but the full back’s offload finds Hoggie to Stuart McInally who sprints back over halfway
Wales 0-0 Scotland 6m The pace slows as Scotland are forced to play the width of the pitch for the wall of red in their faces; the Scots can’t find a way through, and finally Price picks up from the ruck to offload but is intercepted by Gareth Davies from inside his own 10m…
Wales 5-0 Scotland 7m…and he sprints quicker than any Scotsman can get to him, leaving Chris Harris in his wake to fly over in the corner to open the scoring
Wales 7-0 Scotland 8m Halfpenny adds the extras from just outside the 22 on touch, and Scotland need to sharpen up if they are to take advantage of their possession and territory so far
Wales 7-0 Scotland 8m Wales go well from the restart, Hadleigh Parkes making the first ground, and the ball picks up pace through Arron Shingler to Steff Evans to Cory Hill to Ron Evans to AWJ only for Scott Williams to knock it on a metre m short of the whitewash!
Wales 7-0 Scotland 10m Scotland were easily stripped of their defence there and are now defending their tryline just 5m out…
Wales 7-0 Scotland 11m Ref Gaüzère hot on the skewed feed from Price & the scrum put in is reversed for Wales to attack
Wales 7-0 Scotland 11m Patchell collects from the base of the scrum and goes himself but taken down just short out wide; meanwhile, Scotland sort out their defence in the immediate surrounding area
Wales 12-0 Scotland 12m SO the Welsh counteract by going out wide and a final flourish from Scott Williams to Halfpenny and the fullback scores a try of his own
Wales 14-0 Scotland 13m Halfpenny easily converts the try from lightly further in from touch this time
Wales 14-0 Scotland 14m Wales look close to scoring again almost from the restart with Steff Evans chasing the ball to the Scottish 22, but Huw Jones reaches it first
Wales 14-0 Scotland 14m Russell makes the break into Welsh territory but Price quickly shut down, though Gordon Reid gets to the ball back on halfway
Wales 14-0 Scotland 15m After some aerial football, Russell chips over the top but can’t prevent the ball from jumping directly into Welsh hands on their own 22
Wales 14-0 Scotland 16m Huw Jones finds space to hit back from halfway but spills the ball on the Welsh 22 for AWJ to counter; Adams chips ahead over halfway all the way to the corner but Russell beats him to it & Hogg is his get out of jail card
Wales 14-0 Scotland 17m Players can breathe for a second as the kicking game takes over again
Wales 14-0 Scotland 19m Scottish scrum outside the Welsh 22 has to be reset before Russell kicks it to corner; Wales defensive 5m lineout…
Wales 14-0 Scotland 21m Short lineout and eventually Wales get ball to Patchell to thump it away over halfway; Scots try to run it back but AWJ gets in the way. Welsh defensive scrum but Gareth Davies pinged for not putting it in straight - reset in favour of Scotland
Wales 14-0 Scotland 22m Scots make little ground before possession is stolen by Hill and Patchell kicks it clear of halfway
Wales 14-0 Scotland 23m Wales win the battle of the breakdown for an attacking scrum on the 10m, winning that too but promptly pinged for not releasing
Wales 14-0 Scotland 24m Russell kicks long but misses touch completely…aerial football ensues until eventually Russell kicks over the head of Halfpenny finding touch inside the Welsh 22
Wales 14-0 Scotland 25m Welsh defensive lineout works well and ball is cleared over halfway but Scots run it back to the Welsh 26m Still heaps of possession for Scotland, but they are just getting turned over repeatedly and can’t take advantage; Welsh defensive scrum on 10m…
Wales 14-0 Scotland 27m Patchell’s kick finds touch on the Scottish 10m putting the visitors on the back foot again
Wales 14-0 Scotland 28m Scots have a defensive L/O on their 22, retain possession but struggle to make any yards before Scots penalty...
Wales 14-0 Scotland 29m Finn Russell clears to touch nicely for an attacking lineout but the setpiece is poor & Wales have the put in to a defensive scrum on 10m
Wales 14-0 Scotland 30m Wales are efficient with their scrum and make it to the Scottish 10m with smart hands but promptly hand over a penalty to Scotland & the visitors take advantage
Wales 14-0 Scotland 31m Scotland head in to the danger zone for Wales but the ball is stolen back at the breakdown & Wales clear almost to halfway for a lineout
Wales 14-0 Scotland 33m The lineout is fine but the ball is booted towards Stuart Hogg who promptly kicks it back over halfway
Wales 14-0 Scotland 34m Possession is with Wales and the clear the ball away from their 22 but the ball comes hurtling back off the boot of Huw Jones who chips ahead for Halfpenny to shut down
Wales 14-0 Scotland 35m Possession lies with the visitors & an attacking scrum deep in the Welsh 22 but a knock on from Chris Harris loses the momentum for Scotland
Wales 14-0 Scotland 37m Wales clears their lines swiftly and in no time are lurking in Scotland's 22, but ball finds touch and Scotland have a defensive 5m lineout...
Wales 14-0 Scotland 38m Penalty won by Scotland and they clear the Welsh way back over halfway putting Wales on the backfoot, until they win possession & a defensive scrum
Wales 14-0 Scotland 39m Gareth Davies feeds the scrum & ball goes wide to far touch, but Wales make no forward ground at all...
Wales 14-0 Scotland 40m ...and after the clock turns red for halftime, a Welsh boots finds touch for both teams to take a much needed rest at the break

Wales Scotland HT 6 Nations 2018Wales 14-0 Scotland HT T: Gareth Davies, Halfpenny C: Halfpenny (2) | -

Wales 14-0 Scotland 41m A sparkling start from Wales, measured and stable where Scotland have no choice but to give away a penalty rather than 7 points...
Wales 17-0 Scotland 43m Leigh Halfpenny takes him time teeing up the kick at the uprights, but does not falter for a second, taking the home team 3 scores clear
Wales 17-0 Scotland 45m Scotland need a new plan if they are to impact on this game in any way, since more possession and territory in the first half brought them nothing, Wales taking advantage at every opportunity they got
Wales 17-0 Scotland 46m Scotland in possession in the midfield but flailing about making no ground before the ball is turned over efficiently and Wales head back into Scottish territory
Wales 17-0 Scotland 47m Ref Pascal Gaüzère had a word with Scotland captain John Barclay for playing illegally on the floor at the breakdown, resulting in another penalty for the homeside
Wales 20-0 Scotland 48m And of course 45m is nothing for the boot of Halfpenny who pops over the penalty to take Wales 20 points clear of a scoreless Scotland
Wales 20-0 Scotland 49m Greig Laidlaw, Ryan Wilson & Jamie Bhatti on for Ali Price, Cornell du Preez & Gordon Reid
Wales 20-0 Scotland 50m Wyn Jones & Tomas Francis on for Rob Evans & Samson Lee
Wales 20-0 Scotland 52m After a raft of early changes, Wales switch up the pressure again & Josh Adams makes a belt for the tryline but is isolated with no support...
Wales 20-0 Scotland 53m ...but the Welsh hang on for a moment longer before Scotland regain possession & clear the ball back over halfway, though it comes straight back to midfield for a Scottish lineout
Wales 20-0 Scotland 54m Scotland retain possession from the lineout just inside the Welsh half and the ball comes from the far touch to the near touch but Huw Jones knocks it on
Wales 20-0 Scotland 55m Grant Gilchrist, Sean Maitland & Pete Horne replace Ben Toolis, Byron McGuigan & Chris Harris as Wales set their scrum just in their own half
Wales 20-0 Scotland 56m Bradley Davies replaces Cory Hill after the ref spies a head knock so he's off for a Head Injury Assessment...
Wales 20-0 Scotland 57m Wales charge fiercely ahead and are taking no prisoners as they set up camp deep in Scottish territory
Wales 20-0 Scotland 59m Another attacking lineout just outside the Scottish 22 & Wales are steadily heading in the right direction, frustrating the Scots and forcing another error...
Wales 20-0 Scotland 60m ...though the tackle was a tad high, it's the Welsh that have the scrum put in on the Scottish 22 & they attack the zone just in front of the goal line
Wales 25-0 Scotland 61m Wales can't break the tryline close to the posts but a quick recycle and it's Halfpenny over the whitewash out wide for a brace
Wales 27-0 Scotland 62m Halfpenny pops over his conversion with almost no effort as the homeside put Scotland out of contention despite there being an entire quarter yet to go
Wales 27-0 Scotland 63m The Scottish team that ran the All Blacks close only a few months ago appear to have entirely lost their mojo - some Scots are blaming it on the recipe change of IRN-BRU 
Wales 27-0 Scotland 64m Elliot Dee & Gareth Anscombe on for Ken Owens & Rhys Patchell
Wales 27-0 Scotland 65m Wyn Jones bulldozes his way through the Scottish defence, including Hogg with only the tryline in his vision... Ref goes up to TMO David Grashoff for a 'can I award the try?'
Wales 27-0 Scotland 66m It's a no try for no clear view of the grounding, while Aled Davies replaces Gareth Davies at scrum half
Wales 27-0 Scotland 68m Justin Tipuric has replaced Ross Moriarty while Murray McCallum is on for Jon Welsh while Wales have an attacking scrum but come away with nothing this time
Wales 27-0 Scotland 69m Scotland force play back over halfway but the attack comes back hard and fast from Anscombe, but he fluffs it
Wales 27-0 Scotland 70m Scott Lawson replaces Stuart McInally, Owen Watkin on for Scott Williams & Scotland go on the attack...
Wales 27-0 Scotland 71m Despite space and momentum, Scotland can't find their way through to even the Welsh 22, and before you know it, Wales are at it again...
Wales 27-0 Scotland 72m Hadleigh Parkes makes his mum & dad proud in the stands over from NZ with a superb break and Steff Evans finishes it off in the corner...TMO for try or not
Wales 32-0 Scotland 73m Grashoff wastes no time with 'you may award the try', not even checking if the pass was forward or not and Wales have their bonus point try
Wales 34-0 Scotland 74m Halfpenny casually adds the conversion and the Wales fans likely won't be leaving the stadium early today!
Wales 34-0 Scotland 75m Bhatti is escorted off the pitch for a blood injury and Reid returns as Scotland are actually on the attack for a change...
Wales 34-0 Scotland 77m The visitors steadily build up the phases, have advantage on their side & keep battling on, hoping for a consolation try...
Wales 34-0 Scotland 78m After 17 phases, Horne charges over the whitewash with plenty of space around him to score, but TMO Grashoff wants to have a look at play & halts the conversion
Wales 34-7 Scotland 79m It's quite clear there is nothing wrong with the solitary try from Horne, and Russell kicks over the simple conversion
Wales 34-7 Scotland 80m There's just time for a restart, ball finds touch by the Scottish tryline, played quickly from deep but as soon as the clock turns red, Parkes kicks the ball out for full time
Wales Scotland FT 6 Nations 2018Wales 34-7 Scotland FT Man of the Match goes to Aaron Shingler, while Scotland maintain their losing record against Wales in Cardiff which began in 2002. Shocking play from Scotland
Wales 34-7 Scotland FT Real shame of the game is TMO not doing his job for Wales' fourth try where the final pass was clearly forward, he reviewed only the grounding (even Sam Warburton agreed) yet it was awarded & bonus point given

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Josh Adams 13 Scott Williams 12 Hadleigh Parkes 11 Steff Evans 10 Rhys Patchell 9 Gareth Davies 1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens3 Samson Lee4 Cory Hill5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Aaron Shingler7 Josh Navidi 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Wyn Jones 18 Tomas Francis 19 Bradley Davies 20 Justin Tipuric 21 Aled Davies 22 Gareth Anscombe 23 Owen Watkin

SCORERS T: Gareth Davies, Halfpenny (2), Steff Evans C: Halfpenny (4) P: Halfpenny (2)

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Chris Harris 12 Huw Jones 11 Byron McGuigan 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Gordon Reid 2 Stuart McInally 3 Jon Welsh 4 Ben Toolis 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 Hamish Watson 8 Cornell du Preez BENCH: 16 Scott Lawson 17 Jamie Bhatti 18 Murray McCallum 19 Grant Gilchrist 20 Ryan Wilson 21 Greig Laidlaw 22 Pete Horne 23 Sean Maitland

SCORERS T: Horne C: Russell

Man of the Match: Aaron Shingler (Wales)

Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Matt Carley TMO: David Grashoff




franceFRANCE 13 - 15 IRELANDIreland

Stade de France - 03 February 2018
KO: 17:45 HT: 3-9 Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 97
France won: 57
Ireland won: 34
Drawn: 7



France vs Ireland All the anthems are done and we're almost ready for KO at the Stade de France, in the pouring incessant rain…
France vs Ireland Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Paul Williams TMO: Rowan Kitt
France vs Ireland Full back Geoffrey Palis & fly half Matthieu Jalibert both debut for France today...

France 0-0 Ireland 1m Jalibert kicks off & Ireland have a lineout almost immediately which almost goes long but is just held in....
France 0-0 Ireland 2m Ireland are quickly on the attack, running rings round Les Bleus already & securing a penalty with not even 2 minutes gone
France 0-3 Ireland 3m Johnny Sexton pings over the penalty kick through the uprights with ease and gets the visitors on the board early
France 0-3 Ireland 4m There's an obscene amount of caps working against the homeside who have 6 uncapped players in their matchday 23
France 0-3 Ireland 5m A midfield lineout for Les Bleus but it fails to find its own player and Ireland steal possession promptly & head into French territory
France 0-3 Ireland 6m Jalibert attempts a slice kick on receipt of the ball but it ends up in Keith Earls' hands & results in another Ireland penalty...
France 0-3 Ireland 7m Another midfield lineout and Ireland retain the ball for a moment before they kick to clear & France clear it back quickly...
France 0-3 Ireland 8m Irish ball is stolen by Les Bleus who make ground into Irish territory as Virimi Vakatawa bashes his way towards the 22...this French side aren't looking bad at all so far...
France 0-3 Ireland 9m France go 14 phases before a knock on comes from Vakatawa; oh and let's have a time off shall we...
France 0-3 Ireland 10m Only 10 minutes in and we all have a water break already before the Irish scrum is set
France 0-3 Ireland 12m Rob Kearney clears the ball away from his 22 but France come back quickly and set up their own scrum a little further back...
France 0-3 Ireland 13m A knock on give possession back to Ireland through a scrum and they attack into French territory
France 0-3 Ireland 15m France clear their lines and set up an attacking lineout back over halfway; ball heads from one touchline to the other for an Irish lineout...
France 0-3 Ireland 16m There's a bit of aerial football occurring and France again have an attacking lineout outside the 22
France 0-3 Ireland 17m But Ireland steal the ball fro the French lineout, just long enough to return the favour and hand the next scrum to France
France 0-3 Ireland 19m Both sides make plenty of errors and Sexton has the free kick from France losing the scrum for not straight put in...
France 0-3 Ireland 20m Ireland begin to find their feet and build a few phases as they head towards the French 22
France 0-3 Ireland 20m Ireland have a penalty coming so Sexton attempts a drop goal that fails miserably; Yacouba Camara is to thank for the penalty that comes...
France 0-6 Ireland 22m Sexton pings over the 3 points comfortably and doubles the visiting haul.
France 0-6 Ireland 24m Rory Best preps for an attacking lineout for Ireland in the midfield, and the visitors keep hold of the ball but really aren't making any ground
France 0-6 Ireland 25m Little finesse from Ireland at the breakdown and France take advantage and kick through al the way to Ireland's goal line
France 0-6 Ireland 26m Another French attacking lineout, and the ball is collected swiftly but get pinged once a maul forms as they go too far round...
France 0-6 Ireland 28m Still outside the Irish 22, Ireland win a penalty from their scrum & Sexton clears the ball well over halfway for an Irish attacking 10m lineout
France 0-6 Ireland 29m The lineout is good for Ireland and the ball goes from near touch to far, but Bundi Aki bulldozes over Jalibert and both players are down
France 0-6 Ireland 29m Ref Nige calls time off as Jalibert limps off with a hurt knee, Anthony Belleau replacing him, tho Nige wants the scrumhalf to have an HIA
France 0-6 Ireland 30m Play resumes with an Irish scrum almost on the French 22 & Connor Murray makes the first break into the 22...
France 0-6 Ireland 31m Ireland recycle ball and creep closer the goal line, nut are still a good 8m out; good defence from Les Bleus so far
France 0-6 Ireland 32m France shut Ireland down effectively & get over the ball to clear the Irish back almost back to the 10m for still an attacking lineout...
France 0-6 Ireland 33m Ireland do well with their lineout, make a few yards before another lineout is set up on the French 22...
France 0-6 Ireland 34m Peter O'Mahony keeps the ball in Irish hands but the visitors are pushed back before French captain Guilhem Guirado wins the battle of possession resulting in a penalty
France 3-6 Ireland 35m Maxime Machenaud finds his mark with the penalty and gets the homeside on the board
France 3-6 Ireland 36m Play resumes but not for long as Josh van der Flier goes down injured, quickly replaced by Dan Leavy; Irish scrum in midfield...
France 3-6 Ireland 37m This is definitely not the walk in the park the Irish were expecting as the French defence is causing much frustration and upsetting the flow
France 3-6 Ireland 38m Ireland slowly make ground and are helped by Sébastien Vahaamahina tackling a man without a ball - penalty to Ireland
France 3-9 Ireland 39m Sexton tees up from outside the French 22 and adds three more points to his tally so far this half
France 3-9 Ireland 40m The restart has France quickly on the back foot on their own 22 and Palis takes the decision to kick the ball into touch at the first opportunity for halftime

France Ireland HT 6 Nations 2018France 3-9 Ireland HT P: Machenaud | P: Sexton (3)

France 3-9 Ireland 40m France have lost there debutant scrum half after his earlier injury. Sexton kicks off the second half...
France 3-9 Ireland 41m Ireland have the first lineout just inside halfway and it goes long to Robbie Henshaw instead of Aki, but still kept in hand...
France 3-9 Ireland 42m Ireland make a few yards, but France force them back up to halfway before Tadhg Furlong helps along the knock on giving France a midfield scrum
France 3-9 Ireland 43m France are ferocious in their attack and head up to the Irish 22 before they are pushed back from the ruck, but they don't lose the ball in the process
France 3-9 Ireland 44m Jefferson Poirot gets turned over at the breakdown on the Irish 10m and Sexton clears over halfway almost to the French 22...
France 3-9 Ireland 46m Irish lineout is won safely, though the shove back from France is immense forcing them halfway back to the 10m; but Vahaamahina is pinged for offside again and Sexton tees up the penalty...
France 3-12 Ireland 47m Sexton adds three more; France only behind no thanks to giving away churlish penalties which are most unnecessary.
France 3-12 Ireland 48m From the restart, the ball is in Irish hands, but again, Vahaamahina is pinged for offside in Irish territory this time; Nige has a word & Sexton clears over halfway
France 3-12 Ireland 50m No doubt a card will appear soon if Vahaamahina doesn't cut it out; meanwhile, Ireland are 15 phases into the French 22 before Poirot brilliantly turns over possession at the breakdown
France 3-12 Ireland 52m France get some pace behind them & forge their way up to the Irish 22, and secure an infinitely kickable penalty
France 6-12 Ireland 53m Machenaud kicks over the penalty and takes France back to within a score of Ireland
France 6-12 Ireland 54m Debutants Dany Priso and Cedate Gomes Sa replace Poirot & Rabah Slimani as play gets back underway...
France 6-12 Ireland 56m A little aerial football ensues and Kearney misses collecting a high ball...unexpected! French scrum on the Irish 10m...
France 6-12 Ireland 58m Scrum takes a while to get going, has to be reset, and the French crowd are in fine voice, belting out Les Marseillaise
France 6-12 Ireland 59m The scrum collapses, the Irish are bitching at the Ref for a video review of it, Nige isn't having any of it & the scrum is finally reset...
France 6-12 Ireland 60m Not in any elegant fashion, the French win their scrum, but at the first opportunity, CJ Stander gets over the ball at the breakdown and gives Ireland a fighting chance at a try outside of the French 22
France 6-12 Ireland 60m Paul Gabrillagues comes on for Arthur Iturria while Jack McGrath replaces Cian Healy; France pinged at breakdown in own even tho there was no way to roll away...
France 6-12 Ireland 62m Sexton tees up a relatively easy kick but it misses the uprights completely
France 6-12 Ireland 63m Play is bang on halfway, and we await a scrum for the French, but times off for who only know what this time...
France 6-12 Ireland 64m Eventually play gets underway, slightly on the Irish side of halfway, and France make excellent ground all the way to the Irish 22 before stalemate hits
France 6-12 Ireland 65m Momentum is halted and Sexton wins the ball at the breakdown for the French to be pushed back over halfway
France 6-12 Ireland 66m Marco Tauleigne debuts alongside Antoine Dupont on for Machenaud & Wenceslas Lauret
France 6-12 Ireland 67m Earls pinged for a high tackle on Vakatawa & France make some yard & build some phases into Irish territory again
France 6-12 Ireland 68m Sean Cronin and Devin Toner on for Best and James Ryan
France 6-12 Ireland 69m Kearney makes a bit of a drama of a collision; Ref & TMO have a look at it and agree it's nothing. Irish knock on so French ball on the Irish 10m
France 11-12 Ireland 71m John Ryan replaces Furlong and the scrum has to be reset; but France don't just hang on but the ball gets to Teddy Thomas 60m out & he sprints to the goal line to score to roars from the fans!
France 13-12 Ireland 73m Belleau converts the try and takes the lead for the homeside... France believes! It's like Christmas 
France 13-12 Ireland 74m Fergus McFadden replaces Jacob Stockdale as Irish want to play on but France are content to take their time
France 13-12 Ireland 75m Time is off for an injury to Tauleigne & he is replaced by Machenaud with a knee injury
France 13-12 Ireland 75m Sexton is insisting to Ref Nige that it's a knee injury only so Machenaud can't come on as it's not an HIA; official French doc insists it is an HIA too - Ref says play on
France 13-12 Ireland 76m Play resumes, Ireland hand over a penalty outside the Irish 22; from 41m Belleau tees up
France 13-12 Ireland 77m But Belleau misses the uprights & Sexton is determined to play on quickly; Ireland are at their most dangerous with minutes to go & behind...
France 13-12 Ireland 78m French defence is holding up well, locking the Irish in their own half...
France 13-12 Ireland 79m Irish look determined but spent, and are still no closer to halfway than their own 10m...
France 13-12 Ireland 80m The clock is red, the Irish are on halfway, the French defence is immense...
France 13-12 Ireland 80+1m Sexton chips ahead, Earls gets under the ball & Vakatawa doesn't touch him in the air; Sexton goes down but bounces back up...
France 13-12 Ireland 80+2m Wave after wave of green hits keep coming into the blue wall but the Irish are no further than the French 10m...
France 13-15 Ireland 80+3m France were just too careful with their defence and Sexton gets close enough after 41 phases to drop a goal to win the matchFrance Ireland FT 6 Nations 2018

france15 Geoffrey Palis* 14 Teddy Thomas 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Henry Chavancy 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Matthieu Jalibert* 9 Maxime Machenaud 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Arthur Iturria 5 Sébastien Vahaamahina 6 Wenceslas Lauret 7 Yacouba Camara 8 Kevin Gourdon BENCH: 16 Adrien Pélissié* 17 Dany Priso* 18 Cedate Gomes Sa* 19 Paul Gabrillagues 20 Marco Tauleigne* 21 Antoine Dupont 22 Anthony Belleau 23 Benjamin Fall

SCORERS T: Thomas C: Belleau P: Machenaud (2)

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Robbie Henshaw 12 Bundee Aki 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Cian Healy 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Iain Henderson  5 James Ryan 6 Peter O’Mahony 7 Josh van der Flier 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Sean Cronin 17 Jack McGrath 18 John Ryan 19 Devin Toner 20 Dan Leavy 21 Luke McGrath 22 Joey Carbery 23 Fergus McFadden

SCORERS P: Sexton (4) DG: Sexton

Man of the Match: Guilhem Guirado (France)

Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Paul Williams TMO: Rowan Kitt




italyITALY 15 - 46 ENGLANDengland

Stadio Olimpico - 04 February 2018
KO: 16:00 HT: 10-17 Att: 61,464


All matches
Played: 24
Italy won: 0
England won: 24
Drawn: 0



Italy vs England The teams are heading out into the sunshine at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome with Dylan Hartley at he helm for England and the man-mountain that is Sergio Parisse for Italy...
Italy vs England Alessandro Zanni comes out before the others winning his 100th cap for the Azzurri, & the anthems are underway
Italy vs England Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Nic Berry TMO: Glenn Newman
Italy vs England The teams have faced off 23 times so far, and England has won every time; last year however, coach Conor O'Shea came up with a cunning plan to frustrate the home team at Twickers & ran England close for a while!
Italy vs England With all the formalities over, we await KO to be signalled by Ref Raynal & George Ford has the ball

Italy 0-0 England 1m Fordy kicks off & the Azzurri react well, clear England back & the visitors hand over an early penalty for a home scrum
Italy 0-0 England 2m Just inside England's half, Dan Cole scrummages well while Leonardo Ghiraldini loses his balance for a free kick for Owen Farrell
Italy 0-5 England 3m England lineout on the Italian 22 & superb handling all round allows Anthony Watson to fly over in the comer to score in excellent fashion
Italy 0-5 England 4m Not a comfortable position to convert from and Faz doesn't. But he intent in England's game has been shown early and convincingly
Italy 0-5 England 6m Restart has England pinned back in their own 22 and Mike Brown could be in difficulty, but he regathers & Italy are back up at the 10m swiftly
Italy 0-5 England 8m The Azzurri will have their work cut out if they are to make a dent in England's game today; Eddie Jones has insisted the basics are improving & are essential for consistent winning...
Italy 0-5 England 9m ...and also the ability to think on their feet & deal with all possible scenarios thrown at them; looks like it's working so far as England eventually steal back possession at he breakdown
Italy 0-5 England 10m England force Italy back over halfway, but the Azzurri have infinite determination too and are soon back in visitor territory
Italy 0-5 England 10m But a roar of pain comes from Ben Youngs as his knee is crushed under the weight of a pile of bodies and time is halted, he will be stretchered off & Danny Care comes on much earlier than anticipated
Italy 0-5 England 10m Care wins his 77th cap and equals Matt Dawson's record as highest capped England scrum half
Italy 0-5 England 10m The minutes tick by as the clock is still on hold while the correct procedures are followed to have Youngs driven off the pitch; players are getting antsy & running drills to keep warmed up
Italy 0-5 England 11m Play resumes with an England scrum and the Jonny May rips ahead, getting the ball clear to Watson again who is like lightning heading over in the corner > TMO
Italy 0-10 England 12m TMO: Glenn Newman can find no reason not to award the try while Tommaso Benvenuti gets away with a no arms tackle on Watson at the goal line
Italy 0-10 England 13m From the same acute angle, Faz misses the conversion again - that's not in the plan, but if England keep on scoring with this verve, Italy aren't going to get a look in
Italy 0-10 England 15m Italy's improved discipline is evident already, and after getting under a high ball, the Italians have an attacking lineout to attempt to take advantage...
Italy 0-10 England 16m England's defence pushes the Azzurri back up to the midfield until Tommaso Allan gets a kick away into the England 22
Italy 0-10 England 18m It's an England defensive lineout which goes well and play is back up just inside halfway, Parisse & Zanni pairing up nicely to turn the ball over in favour of the homeside
Italy 0-10 England 19m Ref has a quiet word of encouragement about discipline with both teams before Ghiraldini has the put in to the scrum just inside the England half
Italy 5-10 England 20m Excellent set piece from Italy elegantly passing the ball from one touch back almost to the other before a beautiful over the top floating pass from Tommy Allan & Benvenuti runs circles round the England defence to score
Italy 7-10 England 21m Tommy Allan has less issues with his kicking at he uprights and Italy are right back in this game, and how!
Italy 7-10 England 24m England respond hard and fast & an Italy knock on has Care putting into the scrum in front of the posts on the Azzurri 22...
Italy 7-15 England 26m The scrum is solid, the get away isn't so swift and faces Italian obstacles, Hartley carries into the heart of the Italian line then the centre partnership of Ford & Farrell puts the latter over for a score
Italy 7-17 England 27m An easier conversion for Faz and he stomps up a 10-point buffer for the visitors, adding the extras from his own try
Italy 7-17 England 28m This doubling up of twitter characters makes reporting oh so much easier!
Italy 7-17 England 29m Meanwhile, Parisse can't halt the England momentum as the visitors head ever closer to the Italian 22...
Italy 7-17 England 30m Time off as Courtney Lawes gets checked out after a knock as he attempts to reach Maro Itoje who gets isolated on the Azzurri 22
Italy 7-17 England 31m Italy swiftly ship England back well over halfway into their own territory, setting up an attacking lineout...
Italy 7-17 England 32m Mako Vunipola frustrates the attack by stealing possession away and forcing Italy back up to halfway, but it's not long til England are pinged for not releasing...
Italy 7-17 England 33m ...and another lineout, this time deep in the England 22 puts the Azzurri in a good position to attack from, but Lawes has other ideas and bundles the Italians into touch
Italy 7-17 England 34m Hartley throws into a defensive 5m lineout and Parisse ends up getting a two-pronged lecture from the Ref about discipline and rules
Italy 7-17 England 35m England clear Italy away from their dangerzone, inside the 10m, Ford clears the ball awkwardly and Brownie is pinged for his tackle on Matteo Minozzi
Italy 7-17 England 36m Italy again have an attacking lineout at England's 22 and they have another opportunity hereto score...
Italy 7-17 England 37m The Azzurri manage to hold on to possession through recycling repeatedly and are firmly camped out c.6m for England's goal line, keeping their discipline
Italy 7-17 England 38m England are pinged at he breakdown directly in front of the posts after the hit come in hard and fast on the blue barrage...
Italy 10-17 England 39m Allan tees up just wide of the uprights inside the England 22 and is perfectly on target (with a little bit of the Farrell about his look)
Italy 10-17 England 40m Plenty of time for a restart and England head towards the Azzurri 22, looking quite as dangerous as earlier, and eventually cough up a penalty for an Italian defensive scrum...
Italy 10-17 England 40+1m The England pack are pinged from shunting too early, penalty to Italy and the ball is popped into touch for both sides to head down the tunnel for half time

Italy England HT 6 Nations 2018Italy 10-17 England HT T: Benvenuti C: Allan P: Allan | T: Watson (2), Farrell C: Farrell

Italy 10-17 England HT Cracking game so far; Italy are definitely looking much improved under the guardianship of Conor O'Shea, & interestingly, England haven't had quite the pace since Youngs had to be taken off

Italy 10-17 England 40m No changes for England but Nicola Quaglio has replaced Andrea Lovotti in the front row
Italy 10-17 England 41m The restart has Italy pinged early on for a leg-lifting tackle, England on the front foot with an attacking lineout but reciprocate promptly with a penalty of their own for an Italian defensive scrum
Italy 10-17 England 43m England are shoved back into their own half, Care clears off the back of a breakdown over halfway but Ghiraldini sprints(!) to reach the ball & offloads neatly to Minozzi
Italy 10-17 England 45m Italy fight back and head in the right direction for them but another penalty comes & Faz clears for an England lineout in the Azzurri 22
Italy 10-17 England 46m The lineout is almost textbook and Care gets the ball away from back of the maul for Lawes to reach the goal line and stretch over but...
Italy 10-17 England 46m ...Ref heads up to TMO for potential forward pass from Care before Lawes lost ball forward before grounding
Italy 10-17 England 46m The pass was forward so it's no try for England, and Italy retaliate hard and fast...
Italy 10-17 England 47m It's Italy's scrum 5m from their tryline so they have to stay focused to hold England out here, but Renato Giammarioli pinged for playing the ball with is hand - penalty to England
Italy 10-20 England 48m Farrell adds an easy three points to the England tally so far
Italy 10-20 England 49m Parisse and Allan play off each other well and ball gets out to Tommaso Boni who sprints over to score, but... TMO again
Italy 10-20 England 50m Conversion is halted and replay shows Allan's pass is forward to Boni - no try. England defensive scrum is good
Italy 10-20 England 51m An attempted tackle on Itoje in the air for the resulting lineout and England are quickly back where they need to attack
Italy 10-25 England 52m And after being the highest tackler in the first half, Sam Simmonds switches up a gear to outrun the Italian defence from out wide and scores behind the posts
Italy 10-27 England 53m Faz adds the extras to add to his earlier penalty and England have their bonus point try in the bag
Italy 10-27 England 54m Tiziano Pasquali & Luca Bigi on for Ghiraldini & Ferrari | Jamie George & Harry Williams (on debut) for Hartley & Cole
Italy 10-27 England 54m Azzurri lineout on halfway and Minozzi makes some good ground before George takes him down, but they recycle and shift into the England 22 to pick and go time and again…
Italy 10-27 England 55m Lawes is pinged for not shifting at the breakdown after a close take by Watson under a high ball, and Italy have a 5m attacking lineout to threaten the England goal line
Italy 10-27 England 56m Having forged their way back deep into the England 22 after having a try disallowed already, Italy attack with such intensity and it's Mattia Bellini who finds the whitewash against the corner flag
Italy 15-27 England 57m TMO is asked if there's any reason not to award the try, and the replay shows Bellini's knee not in touch as he grounds the ball - it's try time again for the Azzurri!
Italy 15-27 England 58m There's no conversion, but the Azzurri are playing better than they have in years; the Irish impact is showing...
Italy 15-27 England 59m Lawes is replaced by George Kruis while Jonathan Joseph is on for Ben Te'o
Italy 15-27 England 60m Maxime Mbanda’ replaced Giammarioli earlier while George Biagi replaces Dean Budd
Italy 15-27 England 61m Mike Brown's off, Jack Nowell comes in on the wing and Watson moves to fullback
Italy 15-27 England 61m As all the changes are made on both sides, Italy have a lineout on halfway, and they battle the white wall facing them, forced to play the width as they are gaining little ground ahead
Italy 15-27 England 62m England hand over another penalty and it's an Italian attacking scrum just outside the 10m; quick ball for the Azzurri and they've made 10m before a penalty goes to the opposition after Chris Robshaw effects the turnover
Italy 15-27 England 63m Marcello Violi is replaced by Eduardo Gori while England are not resting on their laurels despite a 12-point cushion
Italy 15-27 England 64m England are creeping closer into the Italian 22, though the homeside show no signs of tiring any more as was historically the case
Italy 15-27 England 65m England win the free kick from their scrum on the Azzurri 22, and George throws into the lineout deep inside the 22…
Italy 15-27 England 66m But the Azzurri are having discipline issue and the Ref has a firm word with Parisse after the 11th penalty
Italy 15-27 England 67m Sam Underhill makes his debut replacing Robbo at 7, while Italy deftly steal the England lineout & Allan clear England outside the 22 from behind the tryline
Italy 15-32 England 68m England don't make the same mistake again at the lineout and that Ford-Farrell axis pays dividends yet again, this time it's Ford who secures the 5th try for England
Italy 15-34 England 69m Faz finishes off his hard work with another conversion and the game is likely out of reach for Italy now
Italy 15-34 England 70m England are still looking dangerous even this late in the game - but as Eddie says, "games are won and lost in the final 20 minutes". He's not wrong...
Italy 15-34 England 71m But England can't let their attention slip and they do - metres short of the Italian tryline when Benvenuti intercepts & Boni runs away with the ball
Italy 15-34 England 72m Carlo Canna & Jayden Hayward replace Allan & Tommaso Castello
Italy 15-34 England 73m Alec Hepburn makes his debut off the bench replacing Vunipola while England eye the prize still...
Italy 15-39 England 74m ...and it's Simmonds who makes a magnificent debut scoring a brace in his first outing
Italy 15-41 England 75m Faz adds the conversion, and don't be fooled; pretty sure England aren't done yet!
Italy 15-46 England 77m The Exeter Chiefs boys are all banding together and using their intimate knowledge of each other's plays for Nowell to find the whitewash this time
Italy 15-46 England 78m It's another missed conversion from Faz, and no doubt he won't be a happy bunny at leaving 6 conversion points out on the field, but that hasn't stopped the very vocal England fans fro their renditions of 'Swing Low' from the outset of the match, right through until the end...
Italy 15-46 England 79m Castello comes back on for Boni as Italy have a defensive lineout just inside England's half but it doesn't go well for them as aerial football ensues for a second or two
Italy 15-46 England 80m The ball lands back on the England 10m and since the clock has flicked into the red, Care kicks the ball into touch for a definitive win over a resurgent Azzurri in Rome
Italy England FT 6 Nations 2018Italy 15-46 England FT Anthony Watson is handed Man of the Match - more appropriate would have been handing it to the likes of Simmonds
Italy 15-46 England FT Italy put in an impressive shift for 60 minutes, and have quite obviously come on leaps and bounds since Conor has laid down the law to them, especially on fitness; the Azzurri also have to kerb their churlish discipline issues
Italy 15-46 England FT England have shown that they most definitely have kicked on since the Autumn, despite having fractionally less possession and territory than the home team, but still managed to hand over nine penalties (to Italy's 12)

italy15 Matteo Minozzi 14 Tommaso Benvenuti 13 Tommaso Boni 12 Tommaso Castello 11 Mattia Bellini 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Marcello Violi 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 3 Simone Ferrari 4 Alessandro Zanni 5 Dean Budd 6 Sebastian Negri 7 Renato Giammarioli 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Luca Bigi 17 Nicola Quaglio 18 Tiziano Pasquali 19 George Biagi 20 Maxime Mbanda’ 21 Edoardo Gori 22 Carlo Canna 23 Jayden Hayward

SCORERS T: Benvenuti, Bellini C: Allan P: Allan

england15 Mike Brown 14 Anthony Watson 13 Ben Te’o 12 Owen Farrell 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Mako Vunipola 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Maro Itoje 6 Courtney Lawes 7 Chris Robshaw 8 Sam Simmonds BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Alec Hepburn 18 Harry Williams 19 George Kruis 20 Sam Underhill 21 Danny Care 22 Jonathan Joseph 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS T: Watson (2), Farrell, Simmonds (2), Ford, Nowell C: Farrell (4) P: Farrell

Man of the Match: Anthony Watson (England)

Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Nic Berry TMO: Glenn Newman




NatWest 6 Nations Week 2

6Ns Ireland vs Italy 6Ns England vs Wales 6Ns Scotland vs France6Ns Table Week 2 2018

IrelandIRELAND 56 - 14 ITALYitaly


All matches
Played: 28
Ireland won: 24
Italy won: 4
Drawn: 0


Aviva Stadium - 10 February 2018
KO: 14:15 HT: 28-0 Att: 51,700


Ireland v Italy It's anthem time at the Aviva Stadium & the band are roaring out the Italian tune
Ireland v Italy Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Matt Carley TMO: David Grashoff

Ireland 0-0 Italy 0m Unlike a miserably grey & wet & chaotic Twickenham, the sun is coming out in Dublin as Tommaso Allan kicks off
Ireland 0-0 Italy 1m Ireland deal with the KO as expected and they gain possession but the Italians are not making it easy for the Irish to escape their own half
Ireland 0-0 Italy 2m The ball finds touch over halfway & Ireland have the lineout just inside the Italian and they drive to the 10m before going wide
Ireland 0-0 Italy 3m But Ireland don't have it all their way & it's Italy who have possession and drive Ireland back over halfway
Ireland 0-0 Italy 4m It was Bundi Aki who handed the ball over to the opposition and prop Tadhg Furlong is off injured replaced by Andrew Porter
Ireland 0-0 Italy 5m Ireland have the scrum and they invade Italian territory but the Italian defence was quite obviously not a fluke last week; the visitors are in possession & back on halfway
Ireland 0-0 Italy 7m Ireland come away with the ball in the end in Rob Kearney's hands & clear to touch; it's an Irish lineout and they make a bit of ground before a penalty comes...
Ireland 0-0 Italy 8m Johnny Sexton could take the points here but he kicks to touch for an attacking lineout and the Irish want to come away with more than just a measly three points
Ireland 5-0 Italy 9m The lineout is textbook and Ireland deftly work their way deep into the Italian 22 for Robbie Henshaw to find the whitewash early on...
Ireland 7-0 Italy 10m Sexton adds the extras and Ireland have found a way round the Italian defence which for a significant portion of last week's match was impressive
Ireland 7-0 Italy 12m Ireland have shaken off any nerves in front of the home crowd and they put themselves in an attacking position again...
Ireland 12-0 Italy 13m It's Iain Henderson this time who sets up the try for Conor Murray to finish off with such ease
Ireland 14-0 Italy 15m Sexton has no issues with his kicking foot today as he adds the conversion and Ireland are making light work of the Azzurri today
Ireland 14-0 Italy 17m The restart sets up a lineout for captain Rory Best after the Italians lose the ball into touch in the midfield
Ireland 14-0 Italy 18m Irish play works efficiently and they head into Italian territory tho Aki's passing is wanting today; however, the Italians knock on and possession is back with the homeside
Ireland 14-0 Italy 19m Irish scrum just inside the Italian half and the Azzurri force an error to regain the ball but it finds touch for an Irish lineout
Ireland 19-0 Italy 20m It's excellent setpiece work from Ireland; they have to recycle but in the end, Aki redeems himself with his first international test try for Ireland
Ireland 21-0 Italy 21m Sexton pings over the extras, and the Italian defence is shown now to be wanting as Ireland are running rings around the Azzurri
Ireland 21-0 Italy 23m Italy need to regroup here if they are to make a dent in the Irish try-scoring machine; the visitors head into Irish territory and breach the 10m...
Ireland 21-0 Italy 24m Tho in attack, an Azzurri hand knocks on the ball to give Ireland possession yet again; time off...
Ireland 21-0 Italy 25m Apologies, the knock on was Irish & it's Italy who have the scrum just in their own half, and they come away with a penalty
Ireland 21-0 Italy 26m However, Sexton is fed the ball and clears to touch for an attacking lineout which they win comfortably and Ireland are quickly in the Azzurri 22 hunting a fourth try already
Ireland 21-0 Italy 27m The Irish tease the Azzurri by worrying the goal line but he ball eventually finds touch for a 5m lineout the setpiece is fine but no ground is gained as another penalty comes
Ireland 21-0 Italy 28m Ireland have spent some time in the Italian 22 without finding the whitewash, and it's yet another attacking lineout; Alessandro Zanni is pinged for interference in the air...
Ireland 21-0 Italy 29m But just because the visitors haven't got close to scoring a single point, they are not allowing Ireland to make hay any longer either, Sergio Parisse at the centre of that defence
Ireland 21-0 Italy 30m For all Ireland's efforts in the Azzurri 22 over the last 5-6 minutes, they come away with absolutely nothing
Ireland 21-0 Italy 31m Italy have found their defensive magic of last week and they force Ireland out from their danger zone, but play is halted for Nicola Quaglio down injured
Ireland 21-0 Italy 32m Quaglio is back up & fine & the Azzurri have an attacking scrum where it goes well but are forced back promptly
Ireland 26-0 Italy 34m Ireland take full advantage of their position and the get on the offensive quickly following a turnover, Aki drawing in the defence for Keith Earls to secure the bonus point try before half time
Ireland 28-0 Italy 36m Sexton tees up from an acute angle and takes his time in preparation before pinging over the conversion and making it look SO easy
Ireland 28-0 Italy 37m  Andrea Lovotti replaces Quaglio
Ireland 28-0 Italy 38m The restart is good for Italy and it's not long before Italy work their way into Irish territory with some conviction, Ireland somewhat on the backfoot
Ireland 28-0 Italy 39m James Stockdale is the guilty party in allowing Italy to set up a lineout in the Irish 22...
Ireland 28-0 Italy 40m But Italy blow the advantage as the clock turns red, and it's an Irish defensive scrum...
Ireland 28-0 Italy 40+1m Ireland are clinical with the scrum & thump the ball to touch for half time

Ireland Italy HT 6 Nations 2018Ireland 28-0 Italy HT T: Henshaw, Murray, Aki, Earls C: Sexton (4) | -

Ireland 28-0 Italy 40m Quinn Roux & CJ Stander on for Jack Conan & Iain Henderson
Ireland 28-0 Italy 41m A delightful lineout on the attack for Ireland but Devin Toner couldn't collect & that would've been a score…
Ireland 28-0 Italy 42m Ireland hand over a penalty & Parisse gets his hand in in the Irish half...
Ireland 33-0 Italy 43m But Ireland aren't having any of it and they force Italy back in to their own half onto the backfoot; an intercept on Parisse's pass is awfully smart & Henshaw sprints over the goal line to score
Ireland 33-0 Italy 44m But Henshaw went down v awkwardly on his arm/shoulder and he'll be off for the match, replaced by Jordan Larmour
Ireland 35-0 Italy 45m Sexton has added the extras while Henshaw walks off the pitch
Ireland 35-0 Italy 46m Leonardo Ghiraldini & Maxime Mata Mbanda on for Luca Bigi & Braam Steyn
Ireland 35-0 Italy 47m From the restart, a knock on by the referee Poite gives Ireland the put in to the scrum on the Italian 22
Ireland 35-0 Italy 48m The scrum has Ireland firmly fixed in an attacking position and they are forced to play out wide and Sebastien Negri is quite disruptive of the Irish attack
Ireland 35-0 Italy 49m Schmidt replaces Sexton & Murray with Kieran Marmion & Joey Carbery, interestingly very early on in the game
Ireland 35-0 Italy 50m Sorry that's Murray gone not Best
Ireland 35-0 Italy 51m Meanwhile, much as Italy are making the try-scoring fest a little awkward so far this half for Ireland, and attacking lineout from Best is excellent...
Ireland 40-0 Italy 52m ...and it's Best that finds the whitewash to score Ireland's 6th try and with a little bit of panache too
Ireland 42-0 Italy 53m Carbery proves his mettle with a neat conversion of Best's try and the Irish are talking telephone numbers if they keep up at this rate
Ireland 42-0 Italy 54m Tiziano Pasquali and Jayden Hayward replace Simone Ferrari & Tommaso Boni, and the Italians are revving up their engines to get going finally...
Ireland 42-5 Italy 55m And it's Tommy Allan who dances through the defence, leaving the snoozing Irish in his wake as he scores for the Azzurri
Ireland 42-7 Italy 56m Allan makes light work of converting his try and the Italians are finally on the board
Ireland 42-7 Italy 57m Federico Ruzza & Eduardo Gori on for Marcello & Violi
Ireland 47-7 Italy 59m Meanwhile, Stockdale takes his opportunity to score a try of his own with a little flourish that pleases his teammates no end...
Ireland 49-7 Italy 60m Carbery adds the conversion and the Irish are close to a century...and no doubt will make that number with ease shortly
Ireland 49-7 Italy 61m Meanwhile, Sean Cronin replaces the Irish captain, Rory Best
Ireland 49-7 Italy 64m Italy are making some headway into Irish territory but are eventually forced back, but not for long...
Ireland 49-7 Italy 65m Parisse makes the hard yards before offloaded a floating pass to Gori who collects and scores for the Azzurri
Ireland 49-7 Italy 65m Poite heads up to TMO David Grashoff to ask if there was any reason not to award the try...
Ireland 49-12 Italy 66m Despite all the biased protestations of the Irish commentators, Parisse clearly passed backwards and the try is good for the visitors
Ireland 49-14 Italy 67m Tommy Allan adds the conversion two points and suddenly that 50-up score isn't so certain for Ireland
Ireland 49-14 Italy 68m Cian Healy has replaced Jack McGrath & Ireland aren't going to take these two tries from the Azzurri lying down
Ireland 54-14 Italy 69m Parisse has a third try in his sights and he's heading in the right direction but his pass is intercepted by Stockdale who sprints the length of the pitch to score a brace
Ireland 56-14 Italy 70m Carbery converts well and Ireland need just a couple more tries to heap a half century misery on the Azzurri
Ireland 56-14 Italy 72m Italy aren't going to lie down and take it from Ireland, and they are determined to get back on the attack and find some more points...
Ireland 56-14 Italy 73m Ref is playing advantage as they creep deeper into Irish territory and the penalty comes eventually for them as they are heading into the 22...
Ireland 56-19 Italy 74m Some delightful play from the Azzurri and it's fullback Matteo Minozzi who sneaks across the whitewash to score a third try while the Irish are caught napping again
Ireland 56-19 Italy 76m Tommy Allan will kick himself at missing that conversion but Italy are no longer the team that have played themselves into claiming the wooden spoon every year for an age...
Ireland 56-19 Italy 77m There's a long way to go, But Conor O'Shea has transformed the Azzurri, and the last 20 are definitely not the easy pickings they once were for the opposition
Ireland 56-19 Italy 78m Larmour looks like he's about to  score, but Italy turn around their fortunes and look like they may just secure that fourth bonus point try...
Ireland 56-19 Italy 79m Mattia Bellini thinks he's away for that score but an immense tackle from Earls and the Italian hopes are thwarted by Ireland
Ireland 56-19 Italy 80m Italy wrestle back possession and are on the attack one last time but a knock on comes & Kearney is right there to collect...
Ireland 56-19 Italy 80+1m Italy can't secure that elusive bonus point try and the ball heads to touch for the final whistle and the eight tries to three win for IrelandIreland Italy FT 6 Nations 2018

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Robbie Henshaw 12 Bundee Aki 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Jack McGrath 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Iain Henderson 5 Devin Toner 6 Peter O’Mahony 7 Dan Leavy 8 Jack Conan BENCH: 16 Sean Cronin 17 Cian Healy 18 Andrew Porter 19 Quinn Roux 20 CJ Stander 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Joey Carbery 23 Jordan Larmour

SCORERS T: Henshaw (2), Murray, Aki, Earls, Best, Stockdale (2) C: Sexton (5), Carbery (3)

italy15 Matteo Minozzi 14 Tommaso Benvenuti 13 Tommaso Boni 12 Tommaso Castello 11 Mattia Bellini 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Marcello Violi 1 Nicola Quaglio 2 Luca Bigi 3 Simone Ferrari 4 Alessandro Zanni 5 Dean Budd 6 Sebastien Negri 7 Braam Steyn 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Leonardo Ghiraldini 17 Andrea Lovotti 18 Tiziano Pasquali 19 Federico Ruzza 20 Maxime Mata Mbanda 21 Edoardo Gori 22 Carlo Canna 23 Jayden Hayward

SCORERS T: Allan, Gori, Minozzi C: Allan

Man of the Match: Conor Murray (Ireland)

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Matt Carley TMO: David Grashoff




englandENGLAND 12 - 6 WALESwales

Twickenham Stadium - 10 February 2018
KO: 16:45 HT: 12-3 Att: 82,000


All matches
Played: 131
England won:62
Wales won: 57
Drawn: 12



England v Wales So, Twickenham is still miserable & wet & grey...but the anthems are underway
England v Wales Leigh Halfpenny is out with a foot infection so Gareth Anscombe replaces him at fullback
England 0-0 Wales We have KO at Twickenham, and the refs are: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Nic Berry TMO: Glenn Newman

England 0-0 Wales 1m Wales KO the match, Hartley's off for an HIA already while Wales have an attacking scrum for a no arms tackle already
England 0-0 Wales 2m The Welsh scrum is fine but George Ford reclaims the ball & clears over halfway awfully quickly
England 5-0 Wales 3m Danny Care box kicks neatly from the back of the breakdown in his own half & Owen Farrell kicks through perfectly for Jonny May to score slithering triumphantly over the goal line
England 0-0 Wales 4m Faz may have set that up beautifully for May, but his kicking off the tee is the same as last week...not so great as he misses the conversion
England 0-0 Wales 5m Immediately following an excellent score, England are caught offside and Rhys Patchell tees up from in front of the posts...
England 0-0 Wales 6mins ...but Patchell's nerves get the better of him and he misses Wales' first opportunity for points
England 5-0 Wales 10mins Hartley is back from his head injury assessment so George returns to the bench
England 5-0 Wales 8mins England are quickly back on the front foot despite George Ford's poor kick & Joe Launchbury has England into Welsh territory
England 5-0 Wales 10mins However, Wales get that ball after an England lineout and kick to touch for a defensive lineout back in their own half
England 5-0 Wales 10mins England rapidly move play back into the Welsh half and the ball heads into the 22 but is promptly cleared back out
England 5-0 Wales 11mins England head back towards the 22 but Mike Brown is pinged for not releasing at he breakdown and Wales are free to clear England out again
England 5-0 Wales 12mins Wales force play back into England territory and the homeside have a scrum just inside their 10m
England 5-0 Wales 14mins The scrum has to be reset & flies over halfway to Anscombe and Wales try to run it back
England 5-0 Wales 15mins Aerial football ensues and Ford kicks another ball directly at Anscombe; Care is left to deal with it & Wales are inside the England 10m again...
England 5-0 Wales 16mins But Wales are pinged at eh breakdown while England turnover neatly and a quickly at the Welsh 22
England 5-0 Wales 18mins England are forced to recycle rapidly as the red wall comes in hard, especially from Ross Moriarty, but Wales can't force the turnover & England are just 5m short
England 5-0 Wales 19mins The red wall may be solid but England are up to 25 phases and have the advantage...
England 10-0 Wales 20mins A sublime past from Faz to Launchbury and he releases just in time to May who secures a brace already
England 12-0 Wales 21mins This time Faz finds his footing and aim and secures the conversion; Wales have a long way to go to regroup and recover from this
England 12-0 Wales 22mins But Launchers can't quite regain his focus and Wales have another penalty directly after England have scored...
England 12-0 Wales 23mins Wales have a very advantageous lineout deep in England territory and they attack with some serious pace, though Care attempts to thwart a try...
England 12-0 Wales 24mins Anthony Watson & Anscombe both race for the ball & Garcès heads up to the TMO Glenn Newman for try or no try as they both have hands no the ball
England 12-0 Wales 25mins Anscombe has no control over the ball so it's no try, much to the ire of the Welsh; back for the penalty...
England 12-3 Wales 25mins Patchell pings over 3 points and opens the Welsh scoring account
England 12-3 Wales 26mins Before you can blink, from the restart, England are almost at he Welsh 22 but get turned over & cleared back
England 12-3 Wales 27mins England retaliate and are right back at he 22 but again, Wales steal back possession and clear the homeside back over halfway
England 12-3 Wales 28mins It's a Welsh lineout following another unimpressive kick from Ford, and England are promptly pinged for encroaching no the lineout and Wales have a penalty
England 12-3 Wales 29mins Wales make some inroads into England territory, a high ball comes back at Brownie and he knocks it on for a Welsh penalty in the England half
England 12-3 Wales 30mins Hartley, who returned after passing his HIA at 10 minutes has blood cleaned up in the time off before the Welsh lineout on halfway
England 12-3 Wales 31mins Play is still in the midfield, but Faz kicks it high over halfway and Wales are in possession on the 10m...
England 12-3 Wales 32mins England are furious at Wales winning a penalty at the breakdown after the ball was clearly out just in their own half and are determined to win the ball back; handbags are drawn...
England 12-3 Wales 32mins Time off for an eyelash out of place and Garcès calls over the captains for a chat...
England 12-3 Wales 33mins One could cure insomnia with the telling off from Garcès for the teams 'having a scuffle'
England 12-3 Wales 33mins Welsh kick to touch gives them a lineout but another time off and Hartley is forced to change his blood- covered shirt almost redder than the Welsh strip *yawn*
England 12-3 Wales 34mins Eventually we get back into the game & Wales are deep in the England 22, forced wide to touch and recycling but going backwards by the 9th phase before a knock on...
England 12-3 Wales 35mins Medics are back on and the clock is stopped again... What a bore!
England 12-3 Wales 35mins Halfway into their 22, England have a defensive scrum and we wait for a put in....
England 12-3 Wales 36mins It does happen...and then lets have a break for a rest shall we...
England 12-3 Wales 36mins Garcès shouts 'use it' at the England side, the Welsh get over the ball but we are England's favour
England 12-3 Wales 37mins Finally Care gets the ball away and play is back in the midfield in Welsh hands
England 12-3 Wales 38mins England force the Welsh backwards and can't get any forward momentum so forced to kick it clear...deep into the England 22 and Ford calls the mark - which he didn't need to
England 12-3 Wales 39mins Ford clears for a Welsh lineout and they battle back into England territory but Courtney Lawes spoils the Welsh party and steals it...
England 12-3 Wales 40mins The ball could have been cleared to touch for halftime, but England play on 30 seconds before it does head out for the whistle

England Wales HT 6 Nations 2018England 12-3 Wales T: May (2) C: Farrell | P: Patchell

England 12-3 Wales 40m We're back on at HQ and Sam Underhill is on for Sam Simmonds...
England 12-3 Wales 41m Apparently Simmonds is off injured; England is on the attack and up to the Welsh 22 though being shut down quickly
England 12-3 Wales 42m Watson heads for the corner and can't get through, but a crazy pass, possibly from Care, is completely bonkers & England are suddenly almost back a the Wales 10m rather 5m short of the goal line
England 12-3 Wales 44m Watson is off injured and limps off, and Jack Nowell is on while Wales are in their 22 but in possession
England 12-3 Wales 45m England set up a 22 lineout but Wales quickly have ball in hand as they run out of their own 22, up to the 10m and to the midfield
England 12-3 Wales 46m England come back but Dan Cole is pinged for not rolling away and Wales clear England back into their own half
England 12-3 Wales 47m But Wales hand over possession from a knock on and England kick it back over halfway...
England 12-3 Wales 48m A delightful intercept from Aaron Shingler and he bolts over halfway, kicks through and is eventually shut down but what a footrace...
England 12-3 Wales 49m Possession is regained by England and they breach the Welsh 10m and head to the Welsh 22...
England 12-3 Wales 50m Nowell carries the ball deep into the Welsh 22 and Shingler's leg swipes it forward...
England 12-3 Wales 51m After yet another break, we finally have a Welsh defensive scrum, but England come away with the penalty; George returns to the field of play for Hartley
England 12-3 Wales 52m Play is back at the halfway line and it's a breakdown where Wales come away with the ball, are forced back but Patchell kicks long for Brownie to thump it back...
England 12-3 Wales 53m Wales win the penalty despite England being in advantageous territory; England have had so much territory but have made nothing of it so far...
England 12-3 Wales 55m Wales have had opportunities but have been unable to capitalise on them; as for Maro Itoje - where is he this match?
England 12-3 Wales 56m Anscombe is shuffled to 10 as George North replaces Patchell and it's an England attacking scrum just outside their own 22...
England 12-3 Wales 58m Rob Evans & Samson Lee replaced by  Wyn Jones (not to be confused with AWJ!) and Tomas Francis
England 12-3 Wales 59m England get a get out of jail card again, but Wales are back bothering the 22 quite rapidly...
England 12-3 Wales 60m The excellence of England's first half appears to have dissipated in this second one, and only Wales' ineptitude has prevented a score-fest against England in this third quarter
England 12-3 Wales 61m Scott Williams makes for the corner with some determination, and if not for a brilliant tackle from Underhill, would have scored!
England 12-3 Wales 62m Time off for Mako Vunipola getting some attention; England 5m defensive lineout which Itoje collects and Wales are shoved outside the England 22...
England 12-3 Wales 64m Richard Wigglesworth & Harry Williams replace Care & Cole while Elliot Dee & Justin Tipuric are on for Ross Moriarty and Ken Owens
England 12-3 Wales 63m Wales attack again through Shingler again but he's tackled hard and Cole forces the knock on for a defensive scrum in the England 23
England 12-3 Wales 65m England find their way out of their own 22, up to the midfield, but again possession is kicked away(!)
England 12-3 Wales 66m Aled Davies replaces Gareth Davies while England are finally back in Welsh territory, halfway between the 10m & 22...but England haven't looked like scoring for a quarter
England 12-3 Wales 67m Wales knock on in their own half, England head back to halfway but come back; meanwhile, Ben Te'o and George Kruis are subbed on for Ford and Launchbury
England 12-3 Wales 69m England are still on the front foot, on the attack and into the Welsh 22 and cannot even think about messing this up so close to the goal line…
England 12-3 Wales 71m Phase 21 and England are barely 3m short but are forced backwards; play continues with England still in possession...
England 12-3 Wales 72m ...but Wales smartly force the turnover and England are back on halfway in the blink of an eye
England 12-3 Wales 73m A high kick comes from England and Anscombe gets under it but he slides towards touch and his wrist hits it for England possession in an attacking position
England 12-3 Wales 74m While Bradley Davies replaces Cory Hill, it's an England lineout outside the Welsh 22...and can they actually do anything with it?!
England 12-3 Wales 76m Nope. Wales win back possession and they hurtle towards the England 22...oh so close but the ref's whistle goes just before Wales hit the goal area
England 12-3 Wales 77m It's a penalty to Wales and Anscombe puts Wales back within a score with four minutes remaining...
England 12-3 Wales 77m England take their time with the restart after Alec Hepburn replaces Vunipola...
England 12-3 Wales 78m England are right back up at the Welsh 22 but it's the visitors in possession at this crucial time
England 12-3 Wales 79m Wales make it just outside their 22, but are quickly heaved back in but have a penalty coming after Ben Te'o, on for Ford a while back, high tackles
England 12-6 Wales 80m Wales try to get away from their own half but a knock forward at the breakdown and Wiggy passes out to Faz who almost doesn't collect but does and kicks to touch for full time
England Wales FT 6 Nations 2018England 12-6 Wales FT Apologies for denying Wales their 2nd 3-pointer in the score for an age
England 12-6 Wales FT Cannot quite believe how much possession England kicked away in 80 minutes; the homeside were unimpressive in the second half
England 12-6 Wales FT Mike Brown gets Man of the Match. Hmmmm...I'd have given it to Shingler.

england15 Mike Brown 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Owen Farrell 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Danny Care 1 Mako Vunipola 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Maro Itoje 6 Courtney Lawes 7 Chris Robshaw 8 Sam Simmonds BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Alec Hepburn 18 Harry Williams 19 George Kruis 20 Sam Underhill 21 Richard Wigglesworth 22 Ben Te’o 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS T: May (2) C: Farrell

wales15 Gareth Anscombe 14 Josh Adams 13 Scott Williams 12 Hadleigh Parkes 11 Steff Evans 10 Rhys Patchell 9 Gareth Davies 1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens 3 Samson Lee 4 Cory Hill 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Aaron Shingler 7 Josh Navidi 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Wyn Jones 18 Tomas Francis 19 Bradley Davies 20 Justin Tipuric 21 Aled Davies 22 Owen Watkin 23 George North

SCORERS P: Patchell, Anscombe

Man of the Match: Mike Brown (England)

Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Nic Berry TMO: Glenn Newman




scotlandSCOTLAND 32 - 26 FRANCEfrance

BT Murrayfield - 11 February 2018
KO: 15:00 HT: 14-20 Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 92
Scotland won: 36
France won: 53
Drawn: 3



Auld Alliance TrophyScotland v France It may be freezing at Murrayfield, but the sky is blue, the fans are pumped (including plenty of French), and were almost ready for KO to see just who will hoist the The Auld Alliance Trophy, to be contested for the first time between Scotland and France, which falls in the centenary year of Armistice. It specifically commemorates the captains of the two nations in the last matches played before the First World War – Eric Milroy (Scotland) and Marcel Burgun (France), both of whom perished in the conflict. It is also a tribute to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In all, 22 French and 30 Scottish internationalists were were killed in action, along with countless other club players from both nations. The driving force for the creation of the trophy was Patrick Caublot from the Amiens club in the north of France, who promoted it with David Anderson, a great-great nephew of Eric Milroy.
Scotland v France The anthems are done, and La Marseillaise was magnificent as ever! Not sure there is another that tops it

Scotland 0-0 France 0m John Lacey blows the starting whistle and Les Bleus kick of...& the French fans are in fine voice already!
Scotland 0-0 France 1m But the Scottish fans are no quieter as the French are in possession but deep in their own half, the ball having flown from one end to the other already
Scotland 0-0 France 2m France work their way up to half to be turned over by Scotland, but the French return the favour immediately & breach the Scottish 10m...
Scotland 0-5 France 3m Oh the French make it look so easy as Teddy Thomas sprints with ball as it comes to him out wide, hesitates for a second but goes again to score magnificently
Scotland 0-7 France 4m Maxime Machenaud is encouraged by La Marseillaise reverberating round the stadium again and he adds the extras
Scotland 0-7 France 5m The restart has Scotland firmly in French territory, but there's a pretty solid blue wall hindering any forward gains, & a penalty goes to the visitors...
Scotland 0-7 France 6m It's a French scrum inside their 10m, but not before a time off already; Les Bleus have the weight advantage here...but it has to be reset
Scotland 0-7 France 7m Scotland are pinged for Gordon Reid on his knee in the front row; French penalty & they set up an attacking 10m lineout
Scotland 0-7 France 8m The French lineout is just fine, the Scots do get their hands on the ball but captain John Barclay is pinged at the breakdown for another French penalty
Scotland 0-10 France 9m Machenaud tees up from inside the 10m almost in front of the posts and pops over an easy 3-pointer; Scotland need to rein in those penalties
Scotland 0-10 France 11m The restart results in a Scottish scrum inside the French half which is solid and they play out wide to the nearside touch but Thomas kicks the ball into touch behind the goal line
Scotland 5-10 France 12m Good Scottish 5m lineout and they play the ball wide to the far touch for Sean Maitland to collect the final pass and he touches down next to the corner post
Scotland 7-10 France 14m The kick is from an acute an angle as is possible but it's Greig Laidlaw off the tee and no one knows Murrayfield better than him - it's perfect
Scotland 7-10 France 16m The French get under the high ball from a 22 dropout and they're over the halfway line into Scottish territory, but quickly pushed back from good defensive pressure...
Scotland 7-10 France 17m Possession changes hands & the Scots push the French back to their own 10m before Finn Russell chips through to Geoffrey Palis in his 22 who sends it right back
Scotland 7-10 France 18m A little to-ing and fro-ing puts the Scots back in possession in their 22, play shifts to the midfield and aerial football ensues again...
Scotland 7-10 France 19m The frantic pace so far has both teams blowing a tad; more kicking & Scotland are trying to carry out of their half but Rabah Slimani says no
Scotland 7-10 France 20m Unlike yesterday where there was no opportunity to play running wide rugby in the incessant rain, Murrayfield is perfect for it...but it's all a kicking game so far
Scotland 7-10 France 22m A momentary breather for the teams before play resumes and France secure a penalty at the breakdown through Geoffrey Doumayrou
Scotland 7-10 France 23m Lionel Beauxis thumps ball downfield for a 22 lineout but the Scots steal it in the air; however, Russell than kicks the ball far too long & the French have an attacking 10m lineout
Scotland 7-10 France 24m Les Bleus retain possession this time and head towards the Scottish 22 but the ball is spilled forward for a defensive Scottish scrum
Scotland 7-10 France 26m Scots scrum well and the ball is cleared into French territory; Palis is isolated for a moment but he recovers and they run the ball from their own 22 to the midfield and over halfway
Scotland 7-15 France 27m A sharp pass from Palis to Thomas who sprints from the midfield, chips ahead, chases & reaches it before any Scotsman as it bounces into his hands & he scores again
Scotland 7-17 France 28m A simple conversion for Machenaud from just wide of the uprights and France have a nice two-score cushion
Scotland 7-17 France 29m Well, this is turning out to be a lovely afternoon of exciting rugby in Edinburgh; Scots steal the ball at the breakdown putting them in a great position, but Russell kicks to o long again
Scotland 7-17 France 31m So it's a French scrum, but it results in a Scottish lineout on halfway which they execute well and charge into French territory...but Laidlaw spills it forward
Scotland 12-17 France 32m France clear the Scots back, the Scots thump it back and make some excellent yards with delightful hands out wide, back in to Huw Jones who scores under the posts
Scotland 14-17 France 33m Laidlaw adds the extras and suddenly Scotland are right back in it (not that they were actually out of it at any point so far!)
Scotland 14-17 France 35m The restart gives a good lineout to France as captain Guilhem Guirado throws in and a huge drive follows... 
Scotland 14-17 France 36m Scotland eventually wrestle back possession and have a penalty coming in the midfield, and it does for Russell to kick towards the 22, & Thomas' acrobatics can't halt it
Scotland 14-17 France 37m Scottish lineout is thwarted by France who clear Scotland way back from their 22, almost back up at eh 10m, & this time the Scots hang on to it
Scotland 14-17 France 38m After another fierce breakdown battle, it's time off with a French player down...
Scotland 14-17 France 38m It was Machenaud but he's just fine; the French clear the Scots back from their 22 and set up a defensive lineout just inside their half
Scotland 14-17 France 39m Handbags threaten - Scottish forwards really shouldn't walk around with the French captain's neck in their grip in front of the ref!
Scotland 14-17 France 40m The French have rattled the Scots; French penalty & the ball is kicked to the 22 for an attacking lineout...
Scotland 14-17 France 40+1m French fans roar as the lineout is good; Jonny Gray is pinged for attempting to interfere with the Arthur Iturria in the air and gifts another penalty
Scotland 14-20 France 40+2m Machenaud is absolutely on target yet again and the French go into the break with a bounce in their step

Scotland France HT 6 Nations 2018Scotland 14-20 France HT T: Maitland, Jones C: Laidlaw (2) | T: Thomas (2) C: Machenaud (2) P: Machenaud (2)

Scotland 14-20 France HT It's great to see France back on form in the Six Nations - there's flair and verve and the makings of a return to running rugby

Scotland 14-20 France 40m Scotland restart the match for the second half and Baptiste Serin has replaced Machenaud at scrum half
Scotland 14-20 France 42m The homeside have the ball but are being haled at eh French 10m as they battle along the width of the blue wall of fierce
Scotland 14-20 France 43m Grant Gilchrist breaches the wall and Serin is pinged for coming in at he side - Laidlaw tees up ...
Scotland 17-20 France 44m Laidlaw kicks it perfectly and the gap is reduced to just 3 points
Scotland 17-20 France 46m The French are catching up to Scotland for penalties, but Russell fluffs the penalty kick which is promptly followed up by Stuart Hogg blocking his defender
Scotland 17-23 France 47m So Hogg cancels out Laidlaw's last penalty kick is Serin thumps over the ball from the midfield in front of the posts, splicing the uprights perfectly
Scotland 17-23 France 48m However, Iturria reciprocates the penalty by tackling his man beyond the ruck and Laidlaw tees up again, from only 27m in front of the posts...
Scotland 20-23 France 49m ...and of course Laidlaw doesn't know how to miss those kicks
Scotland 20-23 France 50m The restart ends in a French defensive scrum; they secure the ball and clear but Scotland bring it straight back over halfway...
Scotland 20-23 France 51m Iturria redeems his previous infringement by getting over the Scottish ball at eh breakdown just in his own half, effecting the turnover
Scotland 20-23 France 52m French lineout outside the Scots 22 but before that, Doumayrou and Hogg draw their handbags on the touchline(!)
Scotland 20-23 France 53m Les Bleus lose all their ground at eh Scottish 22 when they hand over possession and are back up in the midfield to work their way back...
Scotland 20-23 France 54m Gilchrist has a job on his hands trying to subdue Thomas, but France simply recycle...Doumayrou carries hard into the Scottish 22 and advantage being played
Scotland 20-23 France 56m The advantage is quite long and Virimi Vakatawa makes a break to edge closer to the goal line before the penalty comes through Laidlaw with hands in the ruck...
Scotland 20-26 France 58m Cannot remember the last time the French fans were so consistently vocal as La Marseillaise starts up again while Serin stretches the lead to 6 points
Scotland 20-26 France 60m Jamie Bhatti & Ben Toolis on for & Gilchrist | Cedate Gomes Sa, Louis Picamoles & Eddy Ben Arous on for Slimani, Marco Tauleigne & Jefferson Poirot
Scotland 23-26 France 61m Meanwhile, France waste no time in reducing the score by three with yet another penalty for Laidlaw to pop over
Scotland 23-26 France 63m Scotland are on the attack in the midfield, make some ground and the ref is playing advantage as the ball flies into touch...back for the penalty
Scotland 26-26 France 64m And from 38m out, Laidlaw thumps over the ball to equalise the scoreboard
Scotland 26-26 France 65m The French bounce back and are in an excellent position...until Beauxis kicks himself for spilling the ball with slippery hands!
Scotland 26-26 France 65m Scotland get right back on the attack immediately and are into the French 22 before a penalty goes to the visitors for a defensive scrum
Scotland 26-26 France 66m Ali Price & Dave Denton replace Russell and Barclay while France get out of jail promptly, clearing the Scots back to the midfield
Scotland 26-26 France 68m 12 phases in and Scotland are back deep in the French 22, and the ref is again playing advantage which comes through Gomes Sa
Scotland 29-26 France 70m Both teams can take a breather, except for Laidlaw who tees up from 24m and wide of the posts ; he takes the lead for the homeside for the first time with just 10 minutes remaining
Scotland 29-26 France 71m Flower of Scotland is belted out while Paul Gabrillagues & Anthony Belleau replace Beauxis & Sébastien Vahaamahina
Scotland 29-26 France 73m Adrien Pélissié replaces Guirado at hooker
Scotland 29-26 France 73m Scottish scrum takes an age to set on the halfway line and the French hold them back in their own half...but France are pinged for hands in the ruck
Scotland 29-26 France 74m Hogg finds touch deep inside the French 22 and the Scots meander over to set the lineout - there's no hurry here
Scotland 29-26 France 75m The lineout is good, France are hurried by the Ref and he pings Yacouba Camara for not rolling away, while he was desperately trying to get away from the ruck but was being prevented by the Scots on top of him
Scotland 32-26 France 76m It's easy pickings for Laidlaw as he adds another 3 points from inside the French 22, but they're not home and dry yet...
Scotland 32-26 France 78m France aren't done yet, and following a Scottish penalty for not rolling away, Belleau can kick to the corner for a 5m attacking lineout...
Scotland 32-26 France 79m Picamoles wins that lineout for France but the Scots get over the ball to win a penalty and a 5m defensive scrum...
Scotland 32-26 France 80m The ball is held in the scrum for a while, possession is retained as the clock is about to turn red and another penalty comes for not releasing at eh Scottish 22; Hogg kicks it to touch for the winScotland France FT 6 Nations 2018

Scotland 32-26 France FT Scotland are the proud inaugural recipients of the Auld Alliance Trophy, the latest addition to the Six Nations cabinet, and it is collected by captain John Barclay.

John Barclay with Auld Alliance Trophy 2018

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Huw Jones 12 Pete Horne 11 Sean Maitland 10 Finn Russell 9 Greig Laidlaw 1 Gordon Reid 2 Stuart McInally 3 Simon Berghan 4 Grant Gilchrist 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 Hamish Watson 8 Ryan Wilson BENCH: 16 Scott Lawson 17 Jamie Bhatti 18 Jon Welsh 19 Ben Toolis 20 David Denton 21 Ali Price 22 Chris Harris 23 Blair Kinghorn*

SCORERS T: Maitland, Jones C: Laidlaw (2) P: Laidlaw (6)

france15 Geoffrey Palis 14 Teddy Thomas 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Geoffrey Doumayrou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Lionel Beauxis 9 Maxine Machenaud 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Arthur Iturria 5 Sébastien Vahaamahina 6 Wenceslas Lauret 7 Yacouba Camara 8 Marco Tauleigne BENCH: 16 Adrien Pelissié 17 Eddy Ben Arous 18 Cedate Gomes Sa 19 Paul Gabrillagues 20 Louis Picamoles 21 Baptiste Serin 22 Anthony Belleau 23 Benjamin Fall

SCORERS T: Thomas (2) C: Machenaud (2) P: Machenaud (2), Serin (2)

Man of the Match: Greig Laidlaw (Scotland)

Referee: John Lacey Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Paul Williams TMO: Rowan Kitt




6Ns12 Week 3

6Ns France vs Italy 6Ns Ireland vs Wales 6Ns Scotland vs England

franceFRANCE vs ITALYitaly

Orange Vélodrome- 23 February 2018
KO: 21:00 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 39
France won: 36
Italy won: 3
Drawn: 0



Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: John Lacey, Luke Pearce TMO: David Grashoff


IrelandIRELAND vs WALESwales

Aviva Stadium - 24 February 2018
KO: 14:15 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 125
Ireland won: 50
Wales won: 68
Drawn: 7



Referee: Glen Jackson Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Matt Carley TMO: Rowan Kitt


scotlandSCOTLAND vs ENGLANDengland

BT Murrayfield - 24 February 2018
KO: 16:45 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 135
Scotland won: 42
England won: 75
Drawn: 18



Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Andrew Brace TMO: Simon McDowell




6Ns12 Week 4

6Ns Ireland vs Scotland 6Ns France vs England 6Ns Wales vs Italy

IrelandIRELAND vs SCOTLANDscotland

Aviva Stadium - 10 March 2018
KO: 14:15 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 133
Ireland won: 61
Scotland won: 67
Drawn: 5
Abandoned: 1



Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Ben O'Keeffe, Luke Pearce TMO: George Ayoub


franceFRANCE vs ENGLANDengland

Stade de France - 10 March 2018
KO: 17:45 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 103
France won: 39
England won: 57
Drawn: 7



Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Angus Gardner, Marius van der Westhuizen TMO: Ben Skeen


walesWALES vs ITALYitaly

Principality Stadium - 11 March 2018
KO: 15:00 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 25
Wales won: 22
Italy won: 2
Drawn: 1



Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Andrew Brace TMO: Marius Jonker




6Ns12 Week 5

6Ns Italy vs Scotland 6Ns England vs Ireland 6Ns Wales vs France

italyITALY vs SCOTLANDscotland

Stadio Olimpico - 17 March 2018
KO: 13:30 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 28
Italy won: 8
Scotland won: 20
Drawn: 0



Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Andrew Brace TMO: Marius Jonker


englandENGLAND vs IRELANDIreland

Twickenham Stadium - 17 March 2018
KO: 14:45 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 132
England won: 76
Ireland won: 48
Drawn: 8



Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Jaco Peyper, Marius van der Westhuizen TMO: Ben Skeen


walesWALES vs FRANCEfrance

Principality Stadium - 17 March 2018
KO: 17:00 HT: tbc Att: tbc


All matches
Played: 95
Wales won: 48
France won: 44
Drawn: 3



Referee: Ben O'Keeffe Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Luke Pearce TMO: George Ayoub




NatWest 6 Nations Table6Ns Table 2017